A typical workout begins with ankle strengthening, to dynamic stretching and flexibility warm-up. Athletes then perform resistance running (forward, backward and laterally) to improve speed, foot quickness, strength, and stabilization. Then explosive squats for leg strength, leg quickness and to improve vertical jump. Resisted toe raises, high knees, jammer drills and so much more.   

ATHLETIC TRAINING - Improve vertical jump, speed, and flexibility

SCULPT & STRETCH CLASSES - Lose weight and tone muscle

BOOT CAMP - Advance training, increase strength

RESISTANCE TRAINING - Personal training

TEAM CONDITIONING - Let our trainers help motivate your team and get the season underway!


South Surrey Athletics features the complete line of FlexBand exercise equipment.

FlexBands were developed by former football coach Dick Hartzell.

FlexBands are the original continuous loop bands used by pro baseball, football and basketball teams, as well as powerlifters. They can also be found at most major colleges and universities across the country.

FlexBands are used in a variety of settings for strength training and rehab. The bands provide variable isotonic exercise, meaning that the pressure changes throughout the range of motion. The resistance increases as the lifter's joint angles improve, making this a safe and effective alternative training method.

FlexBands are 41" in length and come in six sizes with resistances varying from 5 pounds to 200 pounds per band so they can be used by anyone. The difference between the sizes is the width of the bands with wider bands providing greater resistance.

Flexbands can be used to develop all muscle groups, in a safe and effective way. 

With FlexBands as your mechanical advantage increases the bands provide more resistance where it's required by the athlete and as the band de-loads its less stress on the joints of the body.